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Every dog has a natural need to chew. This often starts when they are puppies, and progresses to chewing our table legs and shoes! Chewing gives natural dental care and occupies the dog.

From the heart of the Himalayan Mountains, these Yak chews are great for giving your dog something tasty and robust to chew. When the chew gets too small for your dog, just pop it in the microwave and puff it up for a tasty snack!

This treat is an excellent, healthy and natural reward that all dogs, big or small, will love, especially those with destructive chewing.

This 100% natural delicacy is without preservatives. This cheese does not contain gluten, is low in lactose and rich in protein and calcium.

100% natural: no artificial additives
Rich in protein and calcium
Gluten and grain free
Almost lactose free
Ideal for oral health
Free from dyes that can stain your home
Naturally rich in protein
Low in fat and salt
Long duration
For puppies, you can put it in the microwave to make it less resistant

According to an ancestral Himalayan recipe, our sticks are made from 100% fresh cow's milk harvested in Europe. The milk is then transformed into cheese and pressed, dried for a minimum of 12 weeks. It's a real treat for our dogs: the perfect chewing gift!

This traditional Yak milk cheese was discovered in the depths of the Himalayas. It is food in the form of an all-natural dog stick made from hardened cheese that the villagers have taken centuries to perfect.


Called "Churpi" by the locals, it was intended for human consumption and was known to be popular with locals. But there was something else that was widely known about these catteries ... They were often stolen by dogs in the area because they love to chew them.

Customer Reviews

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Os pour chien

Produit sympathique pour le chien mais beaucoup trop chère pour ma bourse.
Je pensais qu'il y avait 3 os dans le paquet mais seulement 1 à été livré. Donc pour plus 8€ l'os avec la livraison c'est un peu excessif.

Interrogation ?

Je ne comprends pas. Il est indiqué fromage de yack et dans la composition, c'est marqué 100% lait de vache. Finalement, je trouve ça cher pour du lait de vache...

catherine candolfi

mon chien a adoré, tellement adoré, que deux jours après il y en avait plus, donc à 15e le baton je vais pas lui en offrir tous les mois

Xavière Oblin

Idéal pour machouilleur, un bon passe-temps, sain et qui ne blesse pas les gencives. Je recommande !

Pauline Vasseur

Conforme à la description