Dogsee Chew Puffies, puffed yak cheese bars for dogs


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Puffed Yak Cheese Bars are ideal treats that are great for puppies, senior dogs, or dogs that can't chew harder chew treats.

It is necessary to ensure the oral hygiene of your dog in order to prevent the formation of dental plaque and the appearance of tartar. To help you care for your pet, Dogsee Chew offers Senior Dog Puffy Bars. These delicious treats are formulated not only to delight your dog, but also to help him have healthy teeth and fresh breath.

100% natural, these dog treats are made from Himalayan yak cheese, which makes them very palatable. With a high protein content, they provide the animal with the energy it needs to stay in good shape during the day. Healthy, these snacks are also free of grains, gluten and preservatives. In addition, they contain only a low level of fat.

These crunchy dog chew bars are made using an exclusive process that involves smoking and curing them for 35 days. And thanks to their texture and shape, they clean the teeth and gums of the animal. In addition, to support the health of the latter, these treats also contain calcium.

The Yak Cheese Difference These bars are puffed! So they are crunchy..

  • 100% natural: no artificial additives
  • Rich in protein and calcium
  • Gluten and grain free
  • Virtually lactose free
  • Ideal for oral health
  • Free of dyes that can stain your home
  • Perfect for all breeds
  • Recommended for older dogs



100% Natural gluten free Yak and cow milk (99.9%), lime juice, salt.

Analytical constituents (%):

Crude protein: 73.6
Raw fat: 9.9
Crude Cellulose: 0.01
Raw Ashes: 6.2
Humidity rate: 7.3

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