Natural treats for dogs and cats 100% freeze-dried chicken liver

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Natural dog and cat treats made from 100% freeze-dried raw liver.

Chicken liver treats for dogs are antibiotic-free and high in energy.

These tasty treats are made with 100% freeze-dried raw liver to retain all of its natural aroma, delectable meat flavor and nutritional value.

Our pure, small-batch, gently processed dog treats support a healthy digestive system with no genetically modified ingredients. And they're guaranteed to taste great!

Unique source of protein: Chicken liver is the only ingredient.

Rich source of lean protein for energy.

Naturally high in vitamins, high in protein and locally sourced.

No grains, additives, artificial flavors or colors

Freeze-dried treats are light, stable and tasty.

Suitable for dogs and cats of all ages and stages.

This product has been freeze-dried and is suitable for BARF feeding

The freeze-drying process removes only the water, preserving the nutrients.

Some dogs or cats love these reats . You can soften them with a little warm water.

Single source freeze-dried chicken liver treats are ideal for dogs with extreme or severe allergies. The single source organ meat makes this a great training treat! Your pet will love these tasty and convenient treats.

Liver is the ideal superfood for dogs and cats. It is an important part of what they would eat naturally in the wild. Liver is high in vitamin A, which is essential for good vision, healthy bone growth, reproduction, cell division and growth, immune system support and skin health.


100% chicken liver  115G


Crude protein  60%. Crude fat 20%. Crude fiber 1%. Crude ash 6%. Moisture 6%

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