Insecta Nibbles Mealworm & Pumpkin dog treats


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Insecta Nibbles Mealworm & Pumpkin treats are made with simple and nutritious ingredients. It's no surprise that mealworms are healthy. Pumpkin round out this mix as they are a grain-free source of carbohydrates for sustained energy.

We wanted to make a product that is good for your pet and the planet. A healthy, natural dog treat incorporating all the goodness of insects in a delicious and nutritious treat. Insects contain essential proteins, fats and minerals, and are easy for dogs to digest. Help the planet, treat your dog!





For our Insecta Nibbles Mealworm & Pumpkin treats, the whole larvae is gently dried to create a protein rich flour that contains all the nutrients and minerals. Mealworms have a higher unsaturated omega-3 level than fish, as well as the same protein, vitamin and mineral content. In addition, each insect delivers and enormous punch of protein for its size. In fact, insects are often considered as delicacies. A nutritious, tasty treat while having a positive impact on the environment. The proof is in the tasting and dogs love it.

These days many of us are deciding to the reduce the amount of meat we consume for environmental reasons or concerns about animal welfare. However dogs need animal protein to thrive. Our Insecta treats resulted to be the answer. Insect protein provides a more environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional treats. More and more vets recommend insect protein for dogs with food intolerances, skin conditions and delicate tummies.


Pumpkin, mealworm, potato flour, flaxseed oil

Analytical Constituents

Crude protein    55.0%

Crude fat    9.1%

Crude fibre    3.5%

Crude ash    1.1%

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