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Diatomaceous Earth is a 100% natural, effective, simple solution, good for you and the environment!!

Our pets are fragile and sensitive to the products we apply to them. Diatomaceous earth is a real ally because it helps reduce insect pressure in our little friends' environment.

It comes from a rock composed of fossilized micro-algae. Taken from quarries, it is reduced to powder.
The shells of microalgae are absorbent and abrasive. They absorb odors, dry and clean without scratching.
Diatomaceous Earth has no impact on the environment and does not generate resistance.

  • 100% natural
  • External antiparasitic: it will naturally rid your animals of fleas, ticks, red lice, etc.
  • As a deodorizer and absorbent, animal bedding and cages
  • In the garden for attacks by aphids and other pests.
  • And many other uses!!.

Store in a cool, ventilated place, away from heat/open flames/hot surfaces, light, humidity. Close tightly after use.

Keep out of reach of children
Do not swallow, do not inhale, avoid contact with eyes

Usage tips :

Diatomaceous earth and our pets

To combat a flea or tick infestation, brush the dog/cat against the grain and sprinkle the diatomaceous earth. You can use a sprinkler or also put it in a sock and use it a bit like a tampon. Distribute the powder well in the animal's fleece, being careful not to scatter too much in the air. Like all powders/dust/flour, it can create respiratory problems, especially in asthmatics, irritate the eyes or throat, but you have to inhale a large quantity.

Brush the animal to remove the diatom. Diatomaceous Earth must be dry to act externally, it ceases to act when wet, because it loses its volatility and can no longer adhere as much to the body of the parasite, but it recovers its effects as soon as it dries.

Renew the application every 5 to 7 days to eliminate larvae and eggs that will have hatched in the meantime.

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth on areas likely to harbor fleas or their larvae, on the basket, in the kennel or in the litter box. Vacuum the next day, an action to be repeated once a week for at least 4 weeks to be sure to eradicate all the larvae.

Diatomaceous earth in the garden

To limit crawling invasions:

On the floors: Apply Diatomaceous Earth to the places where parasites pass, making a barrier 0.5 to 2 cm wide by 2 mm high.

To reach them in hard-to-reach places, use the applicator bottle.

For use on plants, use the applicator bottle to only apply diatomaceous earth to the desired areas. Be careful not to put it on the flowers, pollinating insects would be the first victims!

Notorious effects have been observed on fleas, aphids, ticks, slugs, ants (etc.).

To increase the productivity of your vegetable gardens:

Mixed with soil, diatomaceous earth provides silica which improves the resistance of plants. It limits water stress by retaining water molecules in the soil and releasing them during periods of drought. Its drying action will limit areas with stagnant water and therefore limit the proliferation of mosquitoes.

Diatomaceous earth at home

To dry and/or limit odors:

On floors: apply 30 gr per m² (3 tablespoons) covering the entire area to be treated. Depending on needs, leave the product to act for a few hours then vacuum.

To reach them in hard-to-reach places (behind plinths, between parquet floorboards, in a ceiling), use the applicator bottle.

On carpets: apply 30 gr per m² (3 tablespoons) covering the entire carpet. Depending on needs, leave the product to act for a few hours then vacuum.


Composition: Diatomaceous Earth (Amorphous and non-calcined silicon dioxide) (CAS No.: 61790-53-2)

Store in a dry place

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