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Dogs regularly harbor intestinal parasites that weaken them. Vetonature VERMIpure Beaphar Purge Solution is specially designed for pets who are not too keen on tablets.

Formulated on a plant basis, this solution effectively cleanses the intestine by flushing out parasites, eliminating bacteria and viruses and reducing the risk of infection. The components of digestion food supplements work synergistically to strengthen the immune system and treat digestive disorders thanks to the presence of echinacea. This vetonature plant purge improves the manifestations of verminous states (diarrhea, bloating, flatulence, etc.) and provides better digestive hygiene. Its great meaty taste stimulates your pet's appetite.


Characteristics - Beaphar digestion food supplements - VERMIpure herbal solution for dogs:

- for all dogs over 3 months old
- fight against intestinal parasites
- reduces the risk of infection
- strengthens the immune system
- treats digestive disorders and provides better digestive hygiene
- improves verminous states
- stimulates appetite

Before each use, it is advisable to shake the bottle well. The medicine can be administered directly into the mouth of the animal or mixed with its food. This product comes with a graduated syringe so you can assess the amount of liquid to administer based on your dog's build.

- Quantity: 0.5 ml per kg of weight, for 3 consecutive days.
- Option 1: Administer the contents of the syringe directly into the mouth of the animal.
- Option 2: Mix the contents of the syringe with the animal's food.
For example, for a 10 kg dog, give 1 syringe of 5 ml each day for 3 days. Repeat use every 3 months.

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Nadia D
Traitement très efficace

Vraiment idéal pour les chiens qui refusent les comprimés.
Je le mets sur ses croquettes.

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