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These split antlers dog chews are specially designed for very young puppies, older dogs or "lazy" chewers Hand cut lengthwise to directly expose the highly nutritious and tasty inner pith of the antlers , so dogs enjoy the tasty morsels without chewing too much! These chews are ideal for dogs that do not have a strong jaw or are not or no longer seasoned chewers.

Sliced deer antlers for dogs are antlers split in two which eliminates the work of chewing to directly reach the flavor of the center of the bone marrow. It is the tasty scent of this one that attracts the sense of smell of dogs and which gives all its virtues to antler. You may find that your dog chews split antlers faster because the delicious pith core is exposed, so dogs will tend to dig into it directly.

From experience, sliced antlers are best suited for beginner chewers, small breed canines, puppies or seniors. They are less suited to large breeds or destructive dogs. In the end, it all depends on its chewing behavior, only you know your animal!

• 100% deer antler cut in half
• No additives or preservatives
• Does not produce splinters, chips or blockages
• Incredibly durable
• Helps clean your dog's teeth
• Suitable for teething puppies
• Hypoallergenic for dogs with allergies
• Does not leave stains
All of our Cernunos deer antler chews are premium quality: GRADE AA or AA

This dog reward is made from 100% wild deer antlers that are naturally discarded each year by the deer when spawning.

Trick :
If your dog loses interest in his wood, immerse him in water or in the bag of kibble overnight, your pet will regain the palatability of the moistened marrow.

Size guide

S Weight 25g - 37g For dogs that weigh up to 10 Kg
M Weight 38g - 74g For dogs that weigh 10-20 Kg
L Weight 75g - 112g For dogs that weigh 20-30 Kg
XL Weight 113g- 175g For dogs that weigh 30-50 Kg

Please note that this is a natural product, therefore not all deer horns will be identical.

The photos given are purely indicative, they may change slightly depending on arrivals and cuts. (with the head of the wood, shorter if thicker wood, longer if thinner wood)

What are the different grades of deer antlers?

All our Cernunos deer antler chews are top quality: GRADE AAA

They therefore retain a high natural humidity level for more palatable chewing without rarely cracking. From the wild moult of the largest deer in Central Europe from responsible, traceable and sustainable origins.

GRADE AA: These are the largest and come from the oldest deer. Their rarity and size make them the most popular.
GRADE A: Grade A woods are large, fresh and hard, with good color.
GRADE B: Grade B woods are as fresh and hard as grades AA and A. The only thing that sets them apart is that they are smaller woods and may not have a color so rich.

Mineral analysis
Ash: 50%, Protein: 40%, Moisture: 10.6%, Fat: 0.4%, Calcium: 21g/10g, Phosphorus: 10g/100g, Magnesium: 26mg/100g, Iron: 998ppm, Sodium: 0 .4%, potassium: 0.02%



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Commande parfaite

franck doveze

Très bon produit que l'on m'a conseillé

Anneke Benoit

il adore.

Pauline Vasseur

Conforme à la description

Valerie Battaglia-Caussin
Bonne recompense

Bien, pas trop grand mais bien epais

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