Purge Treats Worms for Cats with Diatomaceous Earth, Squash and Cinnamon


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Food supplement for cats Purge Worms, with diatomaceous earth, squash and cinnamon

These food supplements in the form of delicious Vetocanis Ô Naturel bites promote the elimination of intestinal parasites thanks to the natural active ingredients of diatomaceous earth, squash and cinnamon.

Composed of natural active ingredients, Ô Naturel for Cat bites contribute to the well-being and health of your cat in a simple and pleasant way to alleviate small everyday ailments such as parasites, tartar, joint problems.

By opting for our cat food supplements without fat, without coloring and without added sugars, you ensure that you are providing your cat with a balanced and healthy diet.

  • Promotes the expulsion of intestinal worms
  • 100% Natural
  • Reduced in Fat. No added sugar. Without colouring
  • 24 delicious bites per box, your cat won't be able to do without them!
  • Made with love in Tours in France and subject to rigorous veterinary control.
  • Suitable for cats and kittens.

How do I give it to my cat?

Administer to your cat daily, whether in the form of rewards or in the bowl with its food.

Cure of 3 to 6 months recommended for optimal results. Possibility of using the bites all year round without interruption.


Fish and fish by-products, other plants, algae and derived products (diatomaceous earth 16.66%), seeds (squash 6.7%), minerals, yeasts, oils and fats. Additives: gelling agents, preservatives.


Crude protein: 6.5%, crude fat: 2.5%, crude ash: 6.5%, crude fiber: 1.5%, moisture: 70%, energy: 1.43kcal/bite, calcium: 0.25%, phosphorus: 5%, potassium: 1.45 %

VETOCANIS has been an expert in care products for dogs and cats for more than 20 years. We have developed a complete range (hair care, dental hygiene, antiparasitics, anti-stress) dedicated to animal well-being.

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