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Our newest product, Matatabi or Silvervine as it is commonly known is a new alternative to regular catnip. This plant is native to the mountains of Japan and China and grows like an ivy on trees and rocks.

It is officially called Actinidia Polygama, but is commonly called Silvervine or Silver Vine for the distinctive color of its leaves.

Matatabi comes in the form of a stick, you can give it directly to your cat to chew, gnaw and play with.

  • 100% natural, with no additives or preservatives, for a chew toy you can trust.
  • A great alternative for cats that are desensitized to traditional catnip.
  • Cats can chew Matatabi for long hours without any danger
  • For all types of cat. Non-toxic and non-addictive

Gently rub the bark of the Matatabi stick to release the natural essences, then give them to your cat to enjoy. He'll play, roll, rub and have fun!

Dental hygiene is very important for cats. Otherwise, domestic cats in particular develop bad breath and dental plaque. For this reason, our dental sticks offer good prophylaxis and above all fun!

Our sticks facilitate dental hygiene and oral care for cats by exfoliating the dental plaque accumulated on the molars, canines and incisors (toothpaste effect).

IMPORTANT: Not all cats react to Matatabi. It's not bad at all. If your tiger doesn't fall in love with our sticks

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Envoi rapide, c'est positif. Société sérieuse.

Mon chat adore les bâtons de matatabi sauf que j'ai constaté qu'à chaque fois qu'il les utilisait, il vomissait un peu de liquide jaunâtre comme de la bile. Il a 6 mois demain. Est-il trop jeune pour cela ?

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