Artisanal Solid Shampoo for Dogs with Organic Castor & Tea Tree Oil


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VETOCANIS Ô NATUREL Solid Shampoo for Dogs gently cleanses your dog's skin.

For the greatest respect for your animal, and the planet, this solid shampoo is 100% natural and cold saponified in order to preserve the properties of Castor and Tea Tree oils from organic farming. This manufacturing process also allows less electricity to be consumed during production than an industrial shampoo. Our solid shampoos are ecological and economical.

Our solid dog shampoo soothes, purifies, cleanses and strengthens coats prone to discomfort. It immediately relieves the skin of tightness, irritation and itching.

Cold saponified to preserve the properties of the oils.

  • 100% Natural, paraben and silicone free
  • Artisanal solid shampoo with Castor and Tea Tree oils
  • Zero waste packaging
  • Made in France, in the Jura. Organic Agriculture
  • Suitable for dogs and puppies
  • Suitable for all coat types


How to use solid dog shampoo?

Its use is simple:
1. Simply rub the shampoo bar gently into your dog's wet coat, making sure to cover all areas.
2. Then, gently massage the fur to penetrate the product and offer your pet a moment of relaxation and well-being.
3. Finally, rinse with plenty of clean water to remove all impurities. Give your dog a clean and silky coat, while helping to preserve the environment with our solid shampoo.

Wipe and dry your companion as usual!
Avoid contact with eyes.

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