Zero Chip Diatomaceous Earth 500g


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Diatomaceous Earth Powder is a natural antiparasitic for dogs and cats.

Diatomaceous Earth Zero Flea is a 100% natural solution, effective, simple, good for you and the environment!

Diatomaceous Earth has many virtues and applications in everyday life.

100% natural 

External anti-parasite: it will naturally rid your pets of fleas, ticks, red lice etc.

As a deodorizer and absorbent, animal litters and cages

In the garden for aphid and other pest attacks.

To protect grain from pests

And many other uses!

From microscopic algae fossils very sharp, Diatomaceous Earth is an economical natural insecticide for many pests and crawling insects (ants, cockroaches, bugs, ticks, fleas ...) that invade homes and / or animals.

Directions for use:

To combat a flea or tick infestation, brush the dog/cat back and sprinkle the diatomaceous earth. You can use a sprinkler or put it in a sock and use it like a tampon. Distribute the powder well into the animal's fleece, being careful not to scatter too much in the air. Like all powders/dust/flour, it can create respiratory problems, especially for asthmatics, irritate the eyes or the throat, but it is necessary to inhale a significant quantity. Brush the animal to spread the diatomaceous earth.

Diatomaceous earth must be dry to act externally, it ceases to act when wet, because it loses its volatility and cannot adhere to the body of the parasite as much, but it recovers its effects as soon as it dries.

Sprinkle Zero Flea Diatomaceous Earth on areas likely to harbor fleas or their larvae, on the basket, in the kennel or in the litter. Vacuum the next day, repeat once a week for a minimum of 4 weeks to be sure to eradicate all larvae. Store in a cool, ventilated area, away from heat/open flames/hot surfaces, light, moisture. To close again well after use.


100% non-calcined amorphous kieselguhr, food grade E551.

Powder pack (500 g) or Kraft bag (500 g)

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