VERMIpure herbal purge for puppies and small dogs


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VERMIpure natural dewormer from the Beaphar brand is intended for puppies and dogs of small breeds. The tablets allow a purge to the plants.
This dog food supplement aims to improve the state of health of your pet, providing it with the necessary elements to protect itself against internal parasites.

Dogs regularly harbor intestinal parasites that weaken them. This product is not part of the external pest control products.

The food supplements with natural assets of the brand Beaphar, are in the form of tablets.
They are composed of extracts of plants known for their anti-parasitic efficacy: garlic, Roman chamomile, sweet mugwort and thyme.

Characteristics - VERMIpure purge with plants for puppies and small dogs:

- Plant treatment based on natural active ingredients
- Suitable for puppies and adult dogs of small breeds
- Prevents internal parasitism
- 100% natural plant extracts
- Intestinal antiparasitic products

Sold in boxes of 50 tablets, they must be administered as a cure and prevent the colonization of your animal's digestive tract by worms.

suitable for small dogs (up to 15 kg), as well as puppies, which are particularly sensitive to parasites.

Usage tips :
Administer the tablet to the back of the animal's mouth, then give it a little water to drink. The tablet can optionally be crushed and mixed with food.
Recommended quantities for puppies and dogs <15 kg:

For puppies over one month old: ½ tablet per day for 5 days. To be renewed every month for 6 months.
For small dogs (<15 kg): 2 tablets per day for 5 days. To be renewed 4 times a year, at each change of season

Customer Reviews

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bon vermifuge naturel

En suivant les indications d'administration, aucun souci de parasites chez mes 4 chiens. Au moins c'est un produit naturel.

Très bon produit

Excellent. Résultats immédiats.

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